Deglet Nour Dates: The « Queen of all dates »

We are proud to announce we included Tunisian Deglet Nour dates to our agricultural and food product portfolio. Among many different options, such as the Golden Medjool, the Black Medjool, Mabroom, Ajwa, or simply the Piarom Malik, we have chosen the so called "Queen...

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Global trends in the steel trade

One of the most important qualities in the international steel trade is the ability to anticipate and react to a global market that is constantly evolving.  New markets are opening up, patterns of production and demand are shifting, and steel products and...

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A Partnership Solution in Africa

Africa is a fast-growing region with a healthy demand for building materials to support new construction projects, ranging from buildings and energy projects to transport infrastructure. However, obtaining these materials is not always straightforward. Access to...

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Testing natural casings: our findings

We have recently been busy in the laboratory, testing a new supply of natural hog casings, an important product used in sausage production. We have tested three different specifications of products, called HOG 28/30, HOG 30/32 and HOG 32/34. As an overall conclusion,...

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