Africa is a fast-growing region with a healthy demand for building materials to support new construction projects, ranging from buildings and energy projects to transport infrastructure. However, obtaining these materials is not always straightforward. Access to quality materials at the right price can be a challenge, ensuring the smooth movement of cargo from door-to-door requires real expertise, and the costs of shipping can be higher than the costs of the materials themselves.

The demand

A major African construction company approached Linerin for assistance in sourcing cement for its construction projects.  A particular challenge for the company was securing the quantity and quality of cement that it required and avoiding cargoes being damaged in transit.  Although the customer required regular shipments, the quantities were relatively small. This meant finding the right mill and the right freight forwarder that could offer a cost-effective solution for the supply and shipment of smaller, regular cargoes.

The solution

Using its network in the cement industry, Linerin’s team identified a manufacturer that was well placed to meet the customer’s requirements and to supply the quantity required at the right price – and cheaper than other alternatives.

Transportation was the next challenge.  Damaged cargo can be very costly, but for the size of shipment required, conventional packing methods would not have met the necessary standards.  Working with the mill, Linerin devised a unique, container-based solution for the shipment of bagged cement from the inland mill to the port, during loading, sailing and unloading. This solution protected the cargo to a far higher standard and avoided split bags.

Linerin was then able to devise a highly cost-effective of moving the cement to the customer. Securing space on a large vessel already sailing to the region, Linerin was able to agree a highly competitive price for the carriage of the cement. Linerin also played a key role in coordinating between the mill, the freight forwarder and customer, assisting with the customs and shipment paperwork.

“The secret to meeting our customer’s requirements was to find the right partner at every stage of the supply chain, including our choice of mill, freight forwarder and shipping company. We also relied heavily on our local expertise and our close relationships in Africa, from our local office to our partners across the region. Working together, we designed a unique, cost-effective solution to solve our customer’s challenge and to support their construction projects in Africa.”

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