We are proud to announce we included Tunisian Deglet Nour dates to our agricultural and food product portfolio.

Among many different options, such as the Golden Medjool, the Black Medjool, Mabroom, Ajwa, or simply the Piarom Malik, we have chosen the so called « Queen of all dates », characterized by its soft touch, translucent color and its honey like taste. Thanks to our local presence we source Deglet Nour dates directly from selected Tunisian Sahara producers and, once verified the quality, we proceed locally with the product processing and packaging.

Since we wants our products to suits our customers’ needs, we process the dates as per their request and we decide the size and the design of the packaging together with our customers:

  • If requested dates can be pitted.
  • Raviers can range from the smallest 100gr size up to 500gr.
  • Labelling and logos as per customer’s design.

As soon as the products are ready for export, our logistics team will take care of the shipment from the export country, in this case Tunisia, up to the agreed delivery place in the country of destination.

We are looking forward to bring a sweet taste of Tunisian Oasis to all our customers around the world!