We have recently been busy in the laboratory, testing a new supply of natural hog casings, an important product used in sausage production.

We have tested three different specifications of products, called HOG 28/30, HOG 30/32 and HOG 32/34.

As an overall conclusion, we can certainly say that this is a good product, both in terms of quality and price. The length is good and generally around 8-9 meters. For some samples, the length was shorter, but never less than 3 metres. They were all a very nice, natural white colour and the strength of the casings was excellent. There were just a few whiskers and not too long, and no mucosa.

There was some variation between the three specifications of casing.  For example, some of the HOG 30/32 samples could be a mix of 30/32 and 32/34.  However, if the specifications do not need to be exact, then this product is a good option.

In the laboratory testing natural casings

Conclusions on each specification of casing

Based on our testing, here is a summary of our findings for each of the three specifications of casing.

  • HOG 32/34:  A mix of 32/34 and 34/36. Meterage ok. Whiskers ok; some whiskers but not long. Length of sets ok. Colour of casings ok. Strength of casing ok. No mucosa.
  • HOG 28/30: Included some 30/32. Meterage ok. Whiskers ok, some whiskers but not long. Length of sets a little bit too short, with a maximum of 8m and a minimum of minimum 3m, which is still ok. Colour of casings ok. Strength of casing ok. No mucosa.
  • HOG 30/32: A mix of 30/32 and 32/34. Meterage ok. Whiskers quite long, but still manageable. Length of sets ok. Colour of casings ok. Strength of casing ok. No mucosa.

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