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Cement & Clinker


What do we offer?


We can supply a wide range of cement types, all of which conform to the latest European and US standards, EN197-1 and ASTM C150. This includes:

  • Common cements CEMI/II/III 32.5, 42.5, 52.5, as per EN197-1 and Type I, IA II, IIA III, IIIA, IV, V, as per ASTM C150.
  • Special cements, such as white cement, low heat and sulphate-resisting types.

We can also supply Portland Cement Clinker for the production of common cements EN197 and ASTM C150.

All cement products can be supplied in a variety of packaging options, to meet customers’ needs, including Kraft, PP or KPK bags, big bags and bagged cement in sling bags.


Why should you work with us for cement & clinker?


Thanks to our close relationships with many high-quality suppliers around the globe, our product knowledge and our market insight, we can work with you to ensure the timely delivery of your cement and clinker cargoes, at the specification required and the right price, wherever in the world you are.

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