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Natural Casings


What do we offer?


Working with a number of high quality suppliers, we can work with you to source natural casings, an important product used in sausage production, particularly for gourmet products.

Natural casings have been in use for many centuries and to this day still, many sausage manufacturers prefer natural casings for their highest quality products and for a very wide variety of sausages.  Indeed, for some varieties of sausage, natural casings are obligatory. We can source sheep, lamb, hog, goat and beef casings that are produced to the highest hygiene and quality control standards and of clear origin, then transported with care to ensure the quality of the product is protected throughout its shipment.


Why should you work with us for natural casings?


With a variety of specifications available for international markets, we can work with you to identify the right product for your needs and support you from purchase to delivery.  We also conduct our own laboratory testing to help verify the quality of different specifications of casings from our preferred suppliers.

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