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What do we offer?


As one of the world’s major food commodity products, rice is produced around the world to a wide variety of specifications and quality standards, and shipped to consumer markets in every part of the globe, including growing demand from customers in Africa.

The transport of rice can also be surprisingly difficult.  Like all food products, the international trade and shipment of rice is subject to a wide array of checks and controls. In addition, substandard arrangements for the shipment of rice or delays can easily lead to damaged cargoes or deteriorated quality. Careful handling is required at every stage to protect the quality of your rice cargo.

Drawing on our experience of the global rice market, you can rely on us to identify the best suppliers and manage every stage of the supply chain, whatever your requirements.


Why should you work with Linerin for rice?


We have the supply-chain relationships to connect emerging consumer markets with leading rice farmers and manufacturers.  We can also plan and manage the door-to-door logistics of rice shipments, working with trusted partners to protect the quality of your cargo.

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